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• Start with an existing garden bed prepared for flowers and vegetables.
• Alien SunFlowers should be placed in the back of the garden as they will grow from 5' to 10'+
• Alien SunFlowers can be planted in Spring after the last danger of frost and up to early Summer for those late Summer/early Fall blooms. It is nice to try an early start but waiting for warmer temperatures will increase germination and yield healthier plants.
• Plant seeds 1/4" deep and compress lightly.
• Space seeds 1' apart and thin to 2' or 3' When seedlings emerge. Water to keep from drying out. Germination takes about 5 days in 70% temp.
• It is also nice to place sunflowers long distances apart for a different type of display. Plant more a few weeks later up to the middle of June for those late summer blooms.
• Sunflowers need less water than other garden flowers but do like a good drink in hot dry summer.
• Working in COMPOST before planting will help sunflowers grow a strong root base, which means less work watering/weeding.
• Organic fertilizer can be used. Wait for plants to become well established. ( I recommend Dr. Earth Time Release 5-5-5). I use this for all my flowers and veggies. It is easy to apply keeping in mind when using for sunflowers place fertilizer at least 1' away from stock of plant. Believe me the roots will be there to take it all in. Using a low nitrogen fertilizer will promote more flowers!
• Flowering: When growing sun flowers for bouquets, cut the flower as soon as it is past half open.
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