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Named by my 4 year old son because of their "Out of this world" appearance, Alien SunFlowers are bred by cross pollinating selected varieties of sunflowers.

We use multiple branched, solid color, bi color, single pedal, double pedal and pom-pom varieties, most of which are pollen-less.

The cross pollination process is simply done by planting sunflowers and letting the bees do their work. As bees land on each flower, they gather pollen, sharing it with the other flowers as they continue to fly from flower to flower.

Good Times!

Growing Alien SunFlowers is a great hobby for any gardener because our sunflowers are so easy and fun to grow.

Plant some this Spring!

                 As your Alien SunFlowers seeds ripen, you can save your seeds for planting next spring, or let us do the work and buy fresh Alien SunFlowers seeds from us each year!

“Alien SunFlowers just keep getting Better!”

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